Alfresco General Upgrade Process

June 25, 2009

We are currently studying the migration from alfresco 2.x to alfresco 3.x. I found this article which describe the basic migration path and approach. I think this is a good start: see

If some of you found other ressources or have already done such migration, please feel free to add your comments.

Is there any plan to plug Alfresco directly on a LDAP ?

June 17, 2009

In our enterprise, Users and Groups are managed into a LDAP. So we are currently using the Alfresco LDAP synchronization mechanism to import the corresponding users and groups into the Alfresco repository.

The problem is that we currently have about 3000 Groups to import and about 12.000 users. So the synchro process (based on XML file creation and import) takes more and more time and sometimes fails (please note that most of the time is does not really failed due to errors, but it is stopped because we are running the synchro during night and we also have to stop the server for backup).

We are currently implementing a custom “user provisionning” process to manage the synchro in a more robust way, but I have asked to Alfresco editor if there are any plan to allow customer to plug Alfresco directly on an external User repository (like an enterprise LDAP).


Here is basically the Alfresco feedback:

First, the synchronization will always be the approach chosen by Alfresco. This is mandatory if we want to keep good performances (caching access rights vs on the fly retrieving groups from LDAP). Moreover, LDAP administrator will probably not appreciate to see thousands of request sent to LDAP per seconds each time a user access to an alfresco space).

However the current LDAP synchro mechanism is currently being redesigned and will not be based on the current approach (i.e synchro of full LDAP entries at each batch execution).

My interlocutor was not able to describe the new detail design of the process but this is a priority for engineering for the 3.2 release. But the new approach will still be based on a synchronization solution (full or delta mode).

 The first relase of this process should be available in 3.2E beta.


Well, my point of view is still that it would be really useful for big customer like us if Alfresco could be plugged directly on a LDAP…this will avoid maintaining and “monitoring” the synchro process, and also this would prevent any problem of synchronisation. This is an existing option of some “advanced” softwares we already use internally, and this is working well. Of course to garantee good performances a very efficient User/Group caching strategy/layer must be implemented at the software level (on top of LDAP), but this is technically feasible…

Hope Alfresco will change its strategy in future release…