Evolution of LDAP synchronization and User Management planned in v3.2

July 7, 2009

I did raise my concerns to Alfresco Editor regarding LDAP synchronization (see my previous post), and I’m happy to see that they have been able to take our needs into account.

In version 3.2, there are big improvements planned regarding the LDAP synchronization and the LDAP authentication process:

1/ First the current LDAP synchronization mechanism will be completely redesigned and enhanced to propose 2 modes : full (this is the current option) and differential (new option). For more information about the differential mode see this link : The_Synchronization_Subsystem

2/ Create users “on the fly”: I have no detail about that, but it seems the target is to leverage the differential mode synchronization process (as per the previous link) :
“This ‘differential’ mode is much faster, and by default is triggered when a user is successfully authenticated who doesn’t yet have a local person object in Alfresco. This should mean that new users and their group information are pulled over from LDAP servers as and when required.”

So Alfresco plan to provide 2 options to manage user account (LDAP synchronization and LDAP based authentication). This is really a great improvement. I’m looking forward testing these new features in September !

Note: for more information about “Subsystem” see, and “Authentication Subsystem” see.