Alfresco quota per space roadmap

Last week we had a conf-call with Mike Farman (Alfresco Product Manager) and we got some news about the “quota per space” feature roadmap:

Reminder : quota per space is the ability to set the maximum size limit on a space (this already exist per user).

– Quota per space is still not implemented in v3.2,
– This is clearly identified by Alfresco team as a must have feature (requested by many customers).
– Alfresco is working on that topic, but they need time to design it properly to avoid impact on performance due to space size calculation.
– This feature is expected for v3.3 E (Q3 2010).

Note: for our company this feature would be really useful because we have currently no way to restrict the space used by business unit which are using our centralized DM platform. What we have implemented is a job which will recursively browse all the space and calculate the total size of each space. However, this is a very intensive and long running process (of course the bigger the space are and the longer the process will take). This job is under development/test, and we will soon deliver it in production. We currently have 600 GB of data, so we will soon have a feedback about wheter or not such process can be runned on a big volume of data…


14 Responses to Alfresco quota per space roadmap

  1. beemoon says:

    first of all I think team may have to correct the big problem with the existing quota feature in community 3.2
    Quota never decrease if it is not the owner who delete his files. It is the a real mistake if you intend to use Alfresco Share in collaborative use.

    (sorry for my english)

    • Enguerrand SPINDLER says:

      Is there any JIRA issue for that ? This could allow us to track the progress on this major issue.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. beemoon says:

    What is JIRA ?
    I’m working for an University and test/evaluate quota feature. I wrote a report document but in French. My english is too bad to translate it!

  3. beemoon says:

    I tested quota for Share not Alfresco Explorer

    • Enguerrand SPINDLER says:

      I’m not expert of Alfresco quota, but I think quota in Share are likely to be based on the same underlying mechanism which is running in Alfresco Explorer (i.e Document Management repository).
      So if you see a bug on this through Share, it is probably also existing in Alfresco…

  4. Anonymous says:

    We plan to deploy Share for 80 000 users, so we test all features. I tried to test more exhaustively as possible the issu about quota. Conclusion we can’t use this fetaure now.

    Another issu: have you a issu with upload documents? We must sometime delete cookies to re-enable upload!

    (I sent you my report about quota.)

  5. Ian Crew says:

    Great article (and site)–thanks!

    Does anyone know any more recent information about site quotas in Alfresco? I see it’s not there (or at least, not that I can find) in 3.3CE, which makes me think that it may have slipped from the roadmap for 3.3EE. It’s also really high on our wish list.

    • Enguerrand SPINDLER says:

      I confirm there is still nothing new in the roadmap about this feature….we have started to develop a custom module internally to address this need. If you want I can share the code once it will be finalized.

      • Ian Crew says:


        That would be fabulous if you would be willing to share the code you’re developing. If you want to contact me off site, look me up at and shoot me an email. (I’d rather not post my email address to a blog.)


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ian,

    OK I will share the code once it will be finalized and production ready (for the moment we are testing it on a quite big repository and it takes quite a long time to execute…so we still have to find some strategies for improvements).


  7. icrew says:

    All: We developed a workaround that does a pretty good job of faking site quotas. I just wrote it up on my blog at:

    Hope someone else finds this useful!


    Ian Crew
    UC Berkeley

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