Inline editing feature for Alfresco DM…coming soon in 3.3

In one of my previous post, I was referring to the new Share Form feature, and how it could
be used to provide “inline editing” or “in-context editing” feature:

Alfresco (Share Form) as a WCM inline editing tool for portal ?

This new “Alfresco Web Editor” initiative from Alfresco is also very interesting for those who want to embed WCM in-context editing feature in any java web application.

As far as I understand, with the “AWE tag library”, one should be able to render Alfresco web content, but also edit/modify it, from any java JSP application (and Additional languages will be supported in future releases with Freemarker and PHP being top of the list).

Target for this new AWE option is Alfresco 3.3, and as far as I know 3.3 E is scheduled May 2010.

I think it will be very interesting for us to embed this framework into our intranet portal (Portlet), and to test the “in-context editing” capabilities in that context…

More info here:
Alfresco Web Editor – Getting Started

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