Alfresco 3.3 preview – Screen Shots of new features

April 23, 2010

Alfresco 3.3 preview – Screen Shots of new features : here

The full slideshow : here

Some screenshots about the new Data List feature:

Google Docs integration with Alfresco

April 20, 2010

For those who were considering using Google Docs, but feel that it does not offer (at least not for the moment) any advanced document management or ECM feature, it seems that Google and Alfresco have some plan to work together:

See the technology preview here:  Google Docs integration with Alfresco

As far as I know, Alfresco is working with Google to integrate Alfresco into Google docs for those organizations and teams who want ECM-style functionality such as version control, workflow, etc.

It is not clear whether Google Docs will be simply used as a remote repository (this is what the demo shows) or if Alfresco solution could be embedded as a backend into Google OEM ….

It seems we will have more info in the next few days….