Alfresco WCM roadmap 2010

As you may know, Alfresco has planned to do major investments this year on WCM.

I got some news about that at the french meetup last week.

Technically, there is a big merge under way between the Document Management core and the WCM core (AVM). Initially, these 2 components did not share the same API and runtime…so the target is to merge them together to have a more consistent (single repo) and rich product.

As far as I understand the merge should be 100% completed for Q2 2011…finally they will be embedded in a single package.

I asked the question to John Newton about what could be the target pricing of this “new” offer…John’s answer is that the pricing model is still not clearly defined. However, it is likely that if customer use both software together in a kind of publisher/subscriber pair (WCM used for content authoring and HTML content published to DM) then the price of WCM should be only a fraction of the standalone WCM price…
Also Alfresco will do major investment in the “Transfer service” (for AVM to DM deployment or DM to DM replication).
Technically, you can can consider this service as a kind of “syndication” (IBM WCM) or like an IBM Notes replication.

Now the roadmap of WCM tool is to become more a framework, to allow developpers building rich “content application”, rather than a Droopal like software (with out of the box basic web sites capabilities). In the past, Alfresco staff know that they might have been too ambitious about WCM, or maybe not well oriented. Now the focus is to provide a “content centric” platform, very open, with strong persistency capabilities, and powerfull authoring, rendition and data transfer services.

Roadmap is clear, let’s start to build smart data centric application !


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