Alfresco Share repository integrated into a portal (Liferay)

These 2 screenshots show how Alfresco Share repository view can be integrated into a portal (Liferay):

It is probably “just” an iFrame Portlet, but I think this gives a good idea of how simply expose the Share document management features into your portal…

Posted by mike hatfield


5 Responses to Alfresco Share repository integrated into a portal (Liferay)

  1. Olivier says:


    Comment présenterais-tu uniquement le contenu sans son habillage ? (logo, navigation, etc)

    • Enguerrand SPINDLER says:

      Hi Olivier,

      If your question is how to expose a single Dashlet content into a Portlet, I don’t think there is already a solution out-of-the-box to do that…But as far as I know any Dashlet can be simply exposed as a webscript. So integrating a webscript into a Portlet is quite similar to integrating an RSS feed into an RSS Portlet…

      Also, I think the Dashlet output (HTML) can be retrieved directly and easily (get request on the corresponding webscript), so iFrame or WebClipping Portlet could be used here.


  2. Luis A. Sanchez says:

    Nice to know that. Could you share with us details about implementation ?

  3. Michael says:

    It is not an iframe. It’s a ‘real’ portlet with SSO, …

    • Enguerrand SPINDLER says:

      Thanks for your feedback Michael (should I say Mike ?).

      If this is not an iFrame Portlet, then does that mean it is based on webscript, and that the runtime for webscript is the portal engine itself ?

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