Alfresco and Jive social software integration (some screenshots)

January 26, 2011


Our company ( just released in production – for one of our customer – a new component to integrate Jive (Enterprise Social Networking solution) with Alfresco document management solution.

I will published a detailed blog post in a few days, but I can’t wait to share with you some early screenshot of the interface (see below).

In this case, Jive is used as the front-end solution (for social collaboration around document), and Alfresco is used as the document repository.
From the Jive interface, people can upload documents into Alfresco, and then get the corresponding link to collaborate around it using the Jive features.

Basically, a concrete example of integration with Social software !

01 – widget selection wizard – jive alfresco

03 – widget configuration screen – jive alfresco

04 – Working Layout – jive alfresco

05 – Menu folder – jive alfresco

06 – Menu document – jive alfresco

07 – upload – jive alfresco

08 – New folder – jive alfresco

09 – Tooltip – jive alfresco

10 – Copy a link without Flash – jive alfresco

11 – Search Results – jive alfresco

More info coming soon….