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October 24, 2012

I’m very glad to announce that Alfstore has been selected by Alfresco Software as an Authorized Training Partner for France.

This new partnership has been announced by Alfresco during the Paris Alfresco Day 2012.

Only Authorized Training Partners can deliver Alfresco classes based on course material developed by Alfresco itself, so this is a great opportunity for us and our customers.

We do have 2 certified Alfresco trainers on our staff, and we are now ready to cover France, Western Europe, and Mediterranean Countries.

If you are looking for more information about Alfresco training (in french), you can:

1/ Download our alfresco training datasheet:

2/ Visit the Alfresco training section on our website:

Basically, You have the choice between two options: we can deliver the course at your own site, or you can register for a public course at our own training facilities.

Public Schedule: you can find a list of our public and standard courses online:

France, Paris – Alfstore :

At your own site:

If you want to train your team (at least 3 people), we can also deliver at your own site. In this case, we can adjust the training level and duration depending on the participants’ experience and objectives. You can select an existing course and ask us to add any customization that your team requires. You can even build your own course if needed.

For any information about training, please feel free to contact us :

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