Integration between email client and Alfresco

May 5, 2010

These 2 tech preview will give you a very good overview of what could be the integration between
an email Client (like Outlook or Lotus Notes in this case):

These are 2 great demo of the upcoming Notes PlugIn, to be provided by Westernacher company.

The small window on the right (into the mail client) is a view of Alfresco repository and spaces (read/write view).

As you will see in these screencams, you can directly drag & drop attachments from the email client,
and also create new Folders in Alfresco, etc.

For those who already know a similar integration between Lotus Notes and Alfresco, based on IBM Quickr connectors (more), Westernacher announce on Twitter that this sample is not using Quickr connectors at all…