Alfresco launches services to simplify migration from your legacy and proprietary ECM

June 2, 2010

As part of the campaign « switch to Alfresco », Alfresco has launched a packaged migration services, to help organization migrating from their current (and costly 🙂 ECM system to Alfresco.

The migration services will initially be available only for EMC/Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint.

As far as I know, Alfresco has made a partnership with a well known “connector editor” company (I think we can say it is EntropySoft), which will provide the set of tool to automate the data migration.

We have already tested such data migration toolkit provided by EntropySoft (for the migration from IBM “Portal Document Manager” to Alfresco repository), and I can say these are very good migration tool.

For more info : Switch to Alfresco

Alfresco General Upgrade Process

June 25, 2009

We are currently studying the migration from alfresco 2.x to alfresco 3.x. I found this article which describe the basic migration path and approach. I think this is a good start: see

If some of you found other ressources or have already done such migration, please feel free to add your comments.