Did you know this 3.2r (E) cool feature: Repository Browser from Alfresco Share ?

February 26, 2010

So far (until Share 3.2) you were able to browse only the documents stored in your own “Share Site”.
Now in 3.2r you can browse the full Alfresco DM repository !

For the moment, this Repository Browser feature, provides almost all the standard operations on documents (see below)
but not the “admin” option of the JSF client:
– Upload new files (single or multiple)
– Download
– View
– Edit Metadata
– Upload new versions
– Edit offline
– Copy or Move…
– Delete
– Assign workflow
– Manage aspects
– Change type

One limitation is still that fine grained security management is not exposed in Share.
So modifying the security of documents and spaces which are managed through the repository (from Share) is not supported in 3.2r (should be available in 3.3).
But as Paul Hampton said, most users would use the predefined security applied to the repository (security inheritance can be used on the repository side to simplify the security management tasks in Share).

That means You can browse the ‘Sites’ space to change security settings via the (JSF) Explorer client.
As Paul Hampton said “You just need to think about the implications of any changes that you make”.

For more info, and some screenshots : Paul Hampton’s blog