Confluence (WIKI) to Alfresco connector now available

When contributing to wiki pages, one has often to refer to a more structured document (like .doc, .ppt, etc) stored elsewhere, for instance in a Document Management system.

In most WIKI tool, you can of course upload such doc directly into the WIKI repository: but this mean you will create a duplicated copy, which will likely never be updated in the WIKI.
So the best practice is of course to include hypertexte links pointing to the document URL in Document Management system. But this can be a tedious task if you have several links to refer to…

So this is the purpose of this “Wiki to Alfresco connector” to ease your life, if you have a Confluence Wiki (Atlassian software).

The Confluence (WIKI) to Alfresco connector is now available here.
Basically, this connector enables Alfresco system to be integrated with Confluence.

Integration means that Alfresco documents can be listed, accessed, edited, and/or deleted from within Confluence. Or they can be in a read-only repository, if appropriate.

Documents in Alfresco are stored in different Alfresco spaces; the Confluence macros can be placed in different Confluence pages with mappings to different Alfresco CMS spaces.

You can also directly try the connector online, through this test page.

I tried to upload a new document from this test wiki page:  it has been stored automatically into Alfresco, and then displayed directly into the wiki page…integration seems to work well !

One Response to Confluence (WIKI) to Alfresco connector now available

  1. Thanks for the blog post Enguerrand – just stumbled on this today. If any questions on the connector, do let us know

    Also our Website will be going through some revisions in next month or so – lots of new things happening. 🙂

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